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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A Paradigm (Even If Conferred) Worthy Of Discarding: White Privilege

I only post special posts regarding race and America's evolving reach back to times of old. Yes, anti-Black racism experienced, a short respite in the late 1960s and very early 1970s.

As we moved through the 1970s, I assert, a resurgence of racism, white supremacy, bigotry and all forms of their social deficiencies. A resurgence directly attributable to political strategy, political policy and political operatives who leveraged America's 75% white citizenry as a field of "wins": for Americans who bought and incorporated Kevin Phillips's (Nixon), and Lee Atwater's (Reagan) Southern Strategy. The net-net of the strategy was solid GOP voting blocs (southern states, rural denizens, most western states, and millions who would resent human equality even within their own a metaphor).  

The Kevin Phillips strategy is as real and productive a political strategy as tax cuts are integral to any and all GOP political platforms.  While tax cuts served the party via appearing to all (especially the nation's wealthy), the psychological effects of a fully incorporated southern strategy (ideology) involves deep rooted assimilation of racial bias, bigotry, and racism. Assimilation which is reinforced via family units, friend associations and, yes, school environments. Ideology requires one major conduit: human senses as paths to a mental repository which guides behavior.   While no a psychologist, I suggest we suffer from the successful paradigm developed  by, and nurtured via,  the GOP. 

The GOP taps into that repository (paradigm). But human beings are not robots, the usefulness of the paradigm doesn't just sit on a shelf for application as elections approach.  For some the paradigm feeds another consideration which reaches across all aspects of Americana:  White Privilege.

White privilege isn't a topic which is easy to explore. A major reason for the reticence in approaching the topic is the broad scope and depths of its fissures. From obvious disparate treatment of black police stops (New York City Stop & Frisk).....

2011 DATA

stop and frisk nypd new york
...through the equally serious reality of the GOP Southern Strategy. Another example of the conferred nature of white privilege manifest in the less visible, but economically deleterious home mortgage lending discrimination of a few years back.

Justice Department Reaches $21 Million Settlement to Resolve ..


Merrill Lynch agrees to $160 million racial bias settlement - Aug. 28 ...

When industry giants practice race based discrimination as a matter of policy (albeit unwritten policy) it is impossible to overlook the privilege you may derive simply based on your birth. You may not seek privilege, you may even abhor privilege, but rest assured your skin color offers a privilege which millions upon millions across the globe do not share.

There are some, very few, who are witnessing a changing society and taking a stand uncommon to most.  It should be noted if you are male, you also have certain conferred privileges regardless of your race.

Bev Collier

One important way that I can use my privilege as a white person to help eliminate racism is not to walk away or ignore a conversation or experience regarding race that places me out of my comfort zone. A few that things I have learned:
1) It is important to listen to what people of color are trying to say and to believe them when they share their experiences with racism. Their stories are their reality and only they know what it is like being a person of color in this country.

2) Avoid responses that diminish their struggles. Leave off the "but ifs" and assuming that if they had acted in a certain way they could have avoided the experience. Take off the privileged white lens and try to understand what it must be like to be victims of racism every day!

3) Hold that knee-jerk defensive reaction when I feel offended. Be quiet and listen!

4) Reflect on my own words and actions, learn from the experience, and change the err of my ways.
5) Be willing to make mistakes. Risk putting your thoughts and feelings out there to be challenged by those who are most effected by racism.
6) Don't expect people of color to teach me about racism! I should already know!
7) Don't expect people of color to soothe my wounds when my tender white feelings are hurt.
8) Understand that people of color get tired of dealing with racism and don't always want to talk about it. They desire to live their lives and find peace and joy in their daily lives. I need to talk more to white folks about racism!
~ Bev Collier

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