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Monday, June 5, 2017

America The Beautiful (UPDATE)

That growing national threat.

UPDATE: We published the following piece a few days ago. While tooling around on Twitter this morning I ran across yet another reminder of Racism's growing grip on the US (and internationally).

The Independent UK

End Independent UK

Mother Jones
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If you have read this far into this piece, you may by now wonder why I chose the to title the piece as I have. The sad truth is when we post pieces with the words "race", "white supremacy", "African-American" or "Latino" in the title, the piece receives reads to a far lesser degree. While the fewer readers dynamic isn't; racist by any means, it is hard to avoid the conclusion many potential readers do not care about issues of race, ethnicity, and frankly, have a lesser concern about white supremacy.

Alas, I digress.

How about a look and listen to the killer of the type white men above? As you consider the human garbage who speaks English and carries a history of white supremacy, think in terms of the word "deplorables."

Many new sources have published pieces regarding growing US white supremacy. While the list of publishers and agencies is long, I have linked to two pieces which read as detailed as one needs to understand the growing danger. Link I, Link II

Did you know the US has a new national museum in Washington DC? The African-American Museum opened a few years ago and reports have the museum attendance at the museum is brisk. You have to know such an opportunity to lay filth on yet another national museum was too irresistible for an American rascist to resist.
Do you know anyone who loves the sport of Basketball? Professional basketball or college basketball; it really doesn't matter. Yes, many love the sport and an equal number have strong preferences for their NBA heroes. The last I check LeBron James was one of the top performers in the NBA and one of the most revered (and loved) among its predominantly black team players. 

Well, it seems someone int he Los Angeles area felt compelled to show the extent to which US racism manifests and proliferates.
America The Beautiful.

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