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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Arms To Qatar, But I Saw A Video Last Week

Do you recall the Rose Garden moments of Donald Trump and the Romanian President? Yes, the moment when the Romanian leader directly and quickly contradicted trump lying about discussing a topic of interest to both leaders and the world.

During the moment, Trump spoke about 1:49 minutes about the then-hot issue of Oatar. A couple of points about Qatar are critical. It seems the blockade of the middle eastern nations and severe criticism from the US may have been induced by fake social media positions out of Putin's hacking squads. Another even more critical issue; the prospect Trump and his Keystone Cop team may not have know Qatar hosts one of our largest and most critical military bases. 

Here is Trump's moment of Rose Garden attack of Qatar.

MSNBC offers details about all things Qatar and the nation's 45th President.

But first. do you think after 145 days of stumbling through the US Presidency, the nation will ever awaken to the reality Donald Trump is lost?

Qatar Buys U.S. F-15s Days After Trump Says Country Funds Terrorism

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