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Monday, June 5, 2017

Climate Money Grab (Coal?)

Trump and his climate Money Grab.

National support for US participation int he Paris Agreement rivals American support for the ACA. As has been the case from the GOP throughout recent history, its politicians do not give a damn about public sentiment (until months before elections).
Of course, you aren't naive enough to actually believe Trump would stand alone against the Agreement. When he has the backing of the Koch brothers and these US Senators, his decision became a slam-dunk.

From public sentiment in relation to GOP money grabs, we move to a visit with a trump czar who seems to ant to rival Trump as Liar-In-Chief.

Did someone mentions 50,000 coal industry jobs? Well, not only is the president a serial liar, he employs people who fit into his non-reality chicken coup.
No, the coal jobs claim is false: Politifact.

Pruitt is also inclined to grab a camera and accompanying microphone to spew a common Trump lie regarding US climate change improvements.  Not so fast!
Let's not pat ourselves on the back too quickly. America has reduced but still is Top 10 CO2 emissions by capita. #ParisAgreement
— Brutus (@sgriffin_87to98) June 4, 2017
We are also culpable in sitting idle way too long to affect GOP policies based on money grabs. Take a look at how US major network News has covered issue related to climate change Vs other (relatively superfluous in the grander scheme of things) issues.

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