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Monday, June 5, 2017

Comcast/NBC's Megyn Kelly And Trump's Putin

Megyn "White Santa; white Jesus", "Pepper Spray" Kelly's interview with Russia Putin interested me less than watching Donald Trump drag the US Presidency through the muck. Yet, I have found segments of the interview (via social media) intriguing. Intriguing regarding the scope of which Comcast-NBC Universal is moving to a Fox News current events model. I refuse to refer to Fox as a real news purveyor. 

Before a couple of references regarding the interview, I must ask. If you watched the ridiculous entertainment from Kelly did you actually expect to find a modicum of truth any pace in the interview? OK, work with me now; did you really? If you had a thought of yes which you would dare to state, the next question is: "Do you believe anything that comes from the mouth of one Donald J Trump?"  If you have come to know Trump as the world now knows Trump, a serial liar, you have to know his pathology may be shared with the Russian President. They are authoritarian liars with a purpose.

Megyn Kelly asked Putin about Russian Interference in the US elections. While we know the real answer, it is amazing NBC and Kelly offered Putin an international platform for what follows.


I tend to place much more faith in 17 US INTEL agencies which stated the direct opposite. An assessment report via The Intercept.
On another TV remote channel hoping session, I ran across Kelly asking Putin: "Do you have something on President Trump?"  

OK, let's dissect. 

First, is there a person on Earth who felt the question would garner a response other than Putin lie; (of which he didn't accomplish the lie so well)?  While on this point, if Putin hosts Russian TV  open sessions with only pre-approved questions, is there a person reading this who doesn't believe Kelly's questions were screened?  

Also, if Kelly crafted her questions, NBC really is becoming a Fox News lite. The question about something on Trump was actually rhetorical as the rational person would have no doubt how Putin would answer the question. Key certainly didn't expect a "yes" answer. Thus, Kelly provided mere entertainment for conservative Putin lovers or reality TV addicts (liberal and conservative)

As for Russian hacker interference in the US elections, even Putin should modify his response to better suit human beings who do not blindly follow and worship Donald Trump.

Thus Kelly's inaugural moments on NBC was nothing more than Fox News like entertainment with over 60 minutes of pure malarkey for reality TV worshippers or conservative Putin lovers. 

A reminder.

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