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Monday, June 19, 2017

Conservative Talking Heads, TV Cameras And The Big Lie

We have long held a position conservative TV "presstitutes" and the lesser cable talking heads deploy a form of over talking, interruptive and never yield the microphone as a derivative of the debate Gish Gallop technique. They use a form of the technique Mitt Romney used to successfully administered a debate defeat on President Obama during the first 2012 Presidential debate.

Image result for gish gallopOnce the camera rolls and the show host initiates dialog the technique commences.

Questioned more than 10 answer.

December 2016 Unvetted Refugees

Yet, there is non-better than Trump's cadre of Attorneys who ae paid well to appear on camera with lies to cover Trumps lies and missteps.

The dynamics are real TV hosts have prescribed to the minutes scripted segments. They also have 'hard' satellite; breaks for advertisements. With each dynamic, the talking head (presstitute) has the opportunity to talk through the segment as a strategy. Watch as conservative CNN contributor, Matt Lewis, attempts to slow the Gish Gallop.

The technique works if the show host allows the "galloper" to run roughshod over a segment.   

Trump's newly hired attorney without benefitted from the gallop session in which Matt Lewis challenged him to shut-up. As I watched the segment I felt the attorney was auditioning for a contract with Trump and company. He has to become the latest mindshare on the team.

Image result for chris wallace trump attorney

Yesterday, Jay Sekulow, visited four news Sunday shows. While he received mixed interaction from the various hosts, Fox News's Chris Wallace performed a real credible interview replete with pinning down the shifty attorney.

With this guy, it is easy to find reinforcement of why many attorneys are not held in high esteem. He is obviously lying about Trump's status with the Special Counsel.

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