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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Did Fox News Mention Inciting Violence?

Crooks & Liars

Fox's Huntsman 'Asks' If Democrats' Criticisms Of Trumpcare 'Risk Inciting' Violence

As part of Fox & Friends' ongoing efforts to demonize any opposition to Dear Leader Donald Trump, cohost Abby Huntsman did her best to suggest that critics of Trumpcare are dangerous – while concern trolling about inflammatory rhetoric. Huntsman kicked off the propaganda by saying, "Lawmakers promised to clean up the fiery rhetoric on Capitol Hill…


We all know Fox News has a role in Republican politics. After Rush Limbaugh entertains conservative deplorables across a three-hour span each day, Fox News steps in as dessert while drawing less deplorable conservatives as well as Limbaugh's hordes.   

The network now has its archetypal (perfect) functionary in the Oval Office.  A White House denizen who has the lowest approval rating of any President in modern US History, a president who offers the lowest satisfaction rating among his party, as well as an international leadership level unimaginable fo a former world leading nation.

Russia and Isreal?

Back to Hunstman and Fox News.  The nascent Fox News personality was obviously handed a script which is problematic, to put it mildly.  She delivers a message about the Left and potentially inciting violence against Trump without one flinch. while the words and prospect sound appealing to the hordes of deplorable of which I spoke of above, once outside of Fox News, Limbaugh and other rightwing entities of demagoguery, her points seems outright pathetic.

Fox News producers and writers blatantly ignore recent history. The very mention of inciting violence from the Left is comparable to Trump's recent mentions of "tapes." A word Trump should avoid as fervently as a weight loss diet.

Watch Trump at work feeding his deplorables over the course of the 2016 campaign. We should also state Trump is being sued for inciting violence against rally protesters.

As we leave the post, do you recall the video of Hitler Brownshirts and thugs, accosting and beating people in the streets of early Third Reich Germany? I offer an example which probably would never have taken place were it not facilitated and encouraged by candidate Trump.

Hitler Youth are still alive and active.

Huntsman is successfully joining the ranks of Hannity, Doocy Kilmeade, and others. 

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