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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Fox News Locates Comey At The Times (OOPS)

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What a scoop for Fox News! I correct myself. What a scoop for FOXPEN (Fox Propaganda and Entertainment Network). Yes, a real once per lifetime news scoop.

When a Television network is in the business of offering daily propaganda feeds and misinformation to absorbing sycophant viewers, such a scoop must have seemed the prospect of a safe win for the 2017 Edward R Murrow Awards.

Image result for television news awards  A sure winner without question! Former FBI Comey headed into the New York Times building with wife in tow. The former head of Fox News would have invited the on-camera host to his office for personal accolades; as accolades for Fox News for women host and staff exist.

Check it out.

As Fox News goes, so goes Fox News.

Ed Henry (Fox News entertainer): “it’s so odd.”

Take a look for yourself.

Comey is six foot eight inches tall and a person who is recognizable across the globe. For some reason his holding the door for his wife to enter the building doesn't appear as hiding, mischievous nor wrought with any level of subterfuge. If Fox News viewers were people who exercise independent thought, some would take the step to realize the former head of the FBI could affect a much more cloak-filed disguise if being surreptitious was important. Intriguing, within the construct and confines of the last sentence, I offered up the ridiculousness of Fox News and it seems I offered up why the network is successful at reaching their audience. 
Fox viewers are conservatives and I frankly have no indication over the span of my life conservatives are deep thinkers. 

Take a look at one conservative tweet:
Occupy Democrat's provide a basis for this piece with effective delineation of what amounted to yet another Fox News tsunami butt-pucker.  Comey didn't visit a New York Times newsroom at all. He was visited a law firm, Covington & Burling, which hosted a charitable organization.

Maggie Haberman of the New York Times. 
Read more at Occupy Democrats, lined here.

Before you leave, consider another reminder of the extent to which Fox News is propagandizing on Russian collusion. "It's not a crime."

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