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Saturday, June 3, 2017

May Jobs Report: A Telling Reality

Let's take a few minutes on the May Jobs Report.  Good report?  

It depends on one's perspective.  First, any number of job additions is a good thing. If you are a Trumpster you might find the May report delightful: 138,000 jobs. If you are a bit more open-minded and are up on US Jobs Report numbers over the past few years, you recognize the report isn't a bad report, but you also know economist expected to see numbers closer to 185,000.   

While the report continues the Obama era records of month-to-month job growth, there is something peculiar about the current numbers.  The numbers are slowly decreasing.

Maybe @realDonaldtrump's decision to sabotage healthcare, inject uncertainty, not a great idea.

And, about those "coal" jobs. I heard today the nation has approximately 24K to 30K Coal jobs. The May Jobs Report included an addition of 7,000 jobs, but what futures is there in coal?

Coal Jobs? The US has related fossil derivative coal to that of a dying industry.  As George W. Bush handed his  Vice President Dick Cheney the rights to explore and deploy Fracking as part of an early Bush era water bill, Coal was doomed.

CNNFact Check Coal Jobs

The following CNN Segment is a bit long, but it is over-the-top filled with messages. First two Trump talking-head demagogic attempt to rationalize Trump's intent to drop out of the Paris Agreement. They actually feign to rationalize and promulgate the false narrative of coal as a vibrant industry. Offsetting the Trump reality show message are AC 360 guest with contrary and much more rational and honest views.

Ten minutes, and truly unbelievable. 
Robert Reich calls BS on Jeffrey Lord's claim 'coal is the wave of the future' by @sarahburris - via @DailymotionUSA
Trump is a person who rarely speaks with any degree of truth. His surrogate communications ministers are little different. 

UPDATE:  Pruitt clearly lied aboutTrump Jobs numbers relative to the coal industry.  Washightn Post Fact Checker.

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