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Saturday, June 3, 2017

"On The Take", Koch Stooge, Stephen Moore

As time has passed and US politics has become two camps of battling ideologies with millions declaring their affinity and develop paradigms which complete the 360-degree process of national divisiveness. The state of our social environment and our political world has turned towards an abyss filled with national killing reality.

Years after the likes of Roger Ailes, Richard Nixon, Pat Buchanan, Kevin Phillips, Ronald Reagan, Lee Water and Karl Rove started what can only be, now, describe as "Fathers of the Great US Divide," we have come to a reality show buffoon (who happens to be a wealthy celebrity) as President.  Nixon and his handlers (including Kevin Phillips) gave birth to anti-press (media) southern focused politics, which literally developed into racially and socially divided politics while critical issues of the US economy has become an afterthought.
Basically, via effective communication, the GOP has mastered the art of mind shaping half of the nation into mindless followers of Pied Pipers who work for the betterment of the nation's top 20 percent and exclusively supportive of corporate entities. Without effective communication strategist and equally effective delivery talking heads, the GOP would have no opportunity to do what it is currently doing to the US.

Let's drill down a bit on GOP communication strategy.  We can set aside the obvious of a President who lies over 81% of the time. We can also set aside, anyone Trump has hired to lead the nation as he (Trump) would only hire like liars and he would never hire anyone he couldn't literally control.  Let's instead move to the television talking heads.  

So, we have the likes of KellyAnne Conway and Sean Spicer, and the daughter of that Arkansas pastor Huckabee (I do not know her name and won't spend one second looking up her name). No one has, during the past two years, commented about Trump in a more negative vane than Conway while serving as talking head adviser to Ted Cruz. While Conway is often used as a Trump "presstitute", let's still set her aside for now.  How about a bit of attention to how GOP mind shapers are at work on various cable news networks working both for Trump and their respective contracted network personalities (AKA contributors)? We will avoid any reference to Fox News as that network tends to employ literal nut cases as hosts and as guests.

Also, MSNBC tends to book conservative guests, but they appear as quasi-supportive of Trump or they are talking heads who absolutely do not support Trump but dare not appear on MSNBC while speaking frankly. Yes, the network also employs a couple of conservatives who have forsaken the party based on Trump and his ascension to lead the part. And then there is Hugh Hewitt and that ends our need to address MSNBC.

CNN is the real platform for Trump mission men and women and man. does CNN leverage their availability and wherewithal? Wherewithal which is often revealed as shallow and wrought with lies, but nonetheless Trump's perspective and that which his supporters love.  Of course, you know of Jeffrey Lords who recently compared Trump to Martin Luther King as well as his more recent mention of Jared Kushner (Trump's son-in-law) as a modern day reincarnation of Robert Kennedy and his service to his brother, John F. Kennedy, while serving as US Attorney General in the early 1960s. Lord's is a human embarrassment and the epitome of a presstitute; there isn't any need to address his servant role for Trump.

Let's focus for a few minutes on a recent CNN hire: Stephen Cato Institute, Heritage, Koch brothers) Moore, conservative economist.  Since we surmise you know of Moore's past flirts with distorting data to serve his party and his money handlers, we won't bother with links to those reports. Our focus today is a CNN interview of yesterday in which a renowned economist and professor expressed a view that fits Moore like a cheap suit.

You really must watch the video in the following piece.

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