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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Rand Paul 2016 Tweet (Now Not OK)

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Ron Paul image choice intentional

What you are about to see and read is revealing to the core.

Rand Paul was apparently at the GOP baseball practice this morning as a deranged far right liberal deiced to grab his AK-47 and shoot Republicans.

A shameful act with no additional need to pursue that point. A relevant point, however, is what some call Karma. I don't use the vernacular at all, but in the following case, the world turned on Paul (and his party).

Take a look at a Tweet from Paul as the 2016 General Election neared.

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Maybe Paul, as is the case with his father, could not recognize the reality of life outside of their twisted logic and paradigm.

Do you recall Ron Paul espousing the legalization of heroin during a period when opioid addiction was climbing to the current level of totally unacceptable to the level of increasing talk of legislation against its proliferation and consumption?  

From another perspective, is it possible Paul mistakenly assumed any such abuse of firearms would come from the is the predominate case?

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