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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

RightWing Doctor Says NRA Could Administer Healthcare

If you have moments of open-mouth dropped-jaw wonderment of the American Right, you should add the following to your archive.

MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle sat with a small focus group of Trump supporter doctors with questions about the failed Senate health bill and national healthcare. Of course, you can chalk the (Trump) doctors up to that group of less than 30% of Republicans who are 'satisfied' with Trump. You can take their apparent satisfaction level a bit farther with their apparent zeal to wipe out the ailing ACA and replace it with just about anything from the GOP.

The doctor sought an entity other than the federal government as a prospective administration authority for healthcare.  You will not believe her offering.

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All said there is something wrong with the doctor's thought processes.

Let's take a few minutes of fanciful imagery. Imagine sitting in her examination room and she walks through the door. even if you are a staunch Trump supporter and an avid gun proponent, your thoughts couldn't help but touch upon the insanity of her judgment.  

A secondary vision. Think of sitting across from or next to the good doctor at a physician's conference or workshop.  Would you feel comfortable she wasn't carrying a concealed weapon?

I also suspect she offers NRA pamphlets in her office.

Here is the full segment.

It is impossible to believe a couple of these doctors are influenced by their political and social paradigm at a higher level than actual ObamaCare Vs Trumpcare. 

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