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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Special Election (Georgia's Sixth District)

Image result for georgia sixth districtIf you follow US Politics, it will be interesting to see how Georgia's Sixth District finishes today's special election run-off election: Democrat Ossoff Vs. Republican Handel.

One local poll gauged the interest from important demographic perspectives.

& H separated by just 0.1% - 49.0% to 48.9%
margin of error: 2.1% undecided and 4.4%
We haven't posted any pieces of the run-off election based on the reality Democrats rarely win these special elections. I believe Elizabeth Warren won a widely publicized special election over Scott Brown (Massachusetts). But, it is a rare happening to see Democrats overcome late money injections from GOP donors and the impetus of high-end baby boomers inclinations.

As is frequently the case we offer critical US election demographics as a reminder of how we allowed Trump into the White House. Lest we forget, Trump's Satisfaction Rate among Republicans dropped 17 points since between May and mid-June 2017: Gallup. Yet, we find it critical to remind of the impetus behind Trumpism.

Chart showing breakdown of voting by gender

Chart showing breakdown of voting by race

Chart showing breakdown of voters by age

The demographics which reminds of Bush V Gore in 2000.  And, how did that turn out?  

Trump is a far greater danger in the Wite House than George W Bush.

How about a quick peep at the sixth district's demographics.

Image result for georgia sixth district

UUUUUM, not promising if history is a prolog to today's special election.

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