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Thursday, June 8, 2017

"Trump Not A Liar" (Arguable)

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We appreciate the life of the "presstittue." We know they are handsomely paid and will say anything to ensure that check is direct deposited. They do not care one iota about the outcome of their messages, just how well they offer up their deliverables.
Trump has a cadre of presstitutes which rivals any administration in my lifetime'
Sean (crowd size) Spicer
KellyAnne (alternative facts) Conway
And now.....

We beg to differ!  Image result for goebbels quotes

Politifact. Link

Trump's Lies vs. Your Brain - POLITICO Magazine

Millions across American know Donald Trump as a showman, and carnival barker. He also has a reputation of a businessman and for many a reputation as a pathological serial liar. The fact that he employs willing liars ( presstitutes) to carry his messages isn't a surprise. The fact that he so often sends his hired lairs out to feed Americans such unfathomable and ridiculous lies is a bit surprising.

Life is such that living with an insulting aura simply does not bode well for one's quality of life. When the insulting aura is so prominent in our daily lives the low quality of life exudes into our lives.

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