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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Trump Rails About Terror Between Golf Tee Offs

Didn't conservative America criticize former President Obama for golf trips on days when word events found hours consumed by terror attacks? I believe so.

Let's visit a bit with conservative America's Wizard of OZ.

Former NFL football quarterback Peyton Manning, ...
Peyton Manning and his conservative buddies  Oh, and one is on the golf take with our tax dollars funding every trip. Suspect Trump also golfs on his own properties, now does that mean we are funding Trump's hoppers?   The question is rhetorical.

peyton golfing 1
Terrorism? It took Trumps handlers days to comment on the Oregon killings perpetrated by a known Right wing zealot, racists, and anti-Semite. 

True terrorists who lived among us.

Play on out tax dollars:

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