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Monday, June 19, 2017

Trump Shuts-Off Public Presser And Avoids Specific US Networks

February 2017 (mere days after Trump infested the Oval Office)

If you haven't yet come around to recognition Donald Trump has even more autocratic tendencies than Putin, Assad, the Saudi monarchy and on international deposits, you really are living with horse blinders. Worse yet, you may have become so immersed in far right conservative ideology a guy like Trump seems an attractive leader.

While other more critical examples exist, let's consider Trump's occasional flirting with stifling US media. The New York City carnival barker has a "touch and go" relationship with the media (press and electronic). While using media to advance his egomania (more, more) over the years, and playing nasty with Howard Stern over the years, Trump also occasionally lashed out against media when criticism served him.  

Yet, anyone who has even a basic ability to assess character, shouldn't have been surprised when Trump adopted a hate the media strategy and campaign as he moved into the 2016 Presidential Campaign.

Days before Trumps small crowd inauguration, the nascent GOP leader was the subject of  a Politico piece. The piece started with a reminder of Trump's past employment of actors to staff-up his Trump Tower lobby events as well as staffing similar events with staffers (who know they are to clap on cue). While the theme of the Politico piece was pre-inauguration reminders of Trump's post January 20, 2017 war against US media (his staging theatrical events was a worthy reminder of his carnival promotion tendencies). Link.

Let's skip forward through frequent back and forth staffing of white House Press Room speakers and private gable to today's White House communication events. The audio only event was pathetic and contrary to the basic tenets of a free society with a free press.

CNN Jim Acosta:

Acosta Tweeted it best:

Over the past few minutes we have run across Tweets of Spicer moving to a different White House role.  We predict, no matter the face or the voice, any staffer with a role in Trump communications should keep a fresh copy of their resume handy. 

I have read Putin has his public press events developed with pre-approved questions.  How is Trump stifling open communication from the White House any different?  The answer is "no different". He hasn't allowed an on-camera White House Briefing since last Monday/ 

The business of Steve Miller and his dictatorial declaration on behalf of Trump?  Trump will not find success in mind-shaping rational Americans.

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