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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Trump Talking Head Insults Humankind: "Trump is Not A Liar"

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Trump and his inner core mind-shapers sent a "presstitute" to the White House presser conference late week with a message: Trump is not a liar. Well, Tel me I am handsome; I will get a momentary shot of dopamine. Tell me I am wealthy; My first thought would be "I wish" while knowing you are misinformed or lying to me. Tell me Donald Trump is "not a liar" you have gone overboard with an attempt to mind shape or feed fodder to sycophant supporters while the world knows differently. Every utterance from Trump's mouth should first be considered a lie long ith the prospect 15% of the words may have a degree of truth.

A number of social media sources have posted articles or comment about Trump's lying. Buzzfeed's version is linked, here. Politifact's Trump file includes a graphic which shows Trump lies (In some form) far more than he speaks the truth: here. Interesting and informative Politico piece regarding Trumps lying.

While this piece came to be base don the Meme atop the piece, I can not help but end with a couple of snippets from Trump's Rose Garden comments of yesterday. He still hasn't learned he can not go on camera and lie about his just completed meeting with international leaders. 

Donald Trump is woefully ill-prepared for the office of the US Presidency. 

I really have to add this 52-second snippet from this morning's AM Joy Show on MSNBC.

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