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Monday, June 19, 2017

Trump's Information Machine Working Your Psyche (Polls)

A couple of days back we ran a piece with the following lede paragraphs and graphics. (Winning, Winning, Winning: Polls Don't Agree)

Image result for trump sinking America

The ship is truly sinking. 

Image result for trump sinking AmericaDonald Trump, as President, is suffering decreasing approval ratings along with related increasing disapproval ratings and Gallup has just published a piece regarding Trump's 
satisfaction rate/ level among Republicans.  Yes, the ship is sinking.


Satisfaction with Direction of US by Party Affiliation

A quick review of the graphic shows a dramatic drop in Republican satisfaction of their nascent party leader and president. In May, the rate was around 57 percent, half way through June the rate has dropped 17 points.

We knew when we ran the piece Rasmussen's right lean polling would offer Trump a prop up via reporting Trump with a 50% approval rating.  We also knew that Trump would dispatch his cadre of "presstitutes" to the airways (with an exception of MSNBC) to offer outright lies and misinformation about Trump's perception among the US citizenry.

Crooks & Liars captured the Mike Huckabee Fox News visit like no other media. Trump surrogacy is as shamefully narcissistic as any of the nation's 45  President across.  As we move through the early years of the 21st Century, it is amazing the depth, level, and scope of Rightwing manipulation of Americans who subscribe to conservative ideology. 

Crooks & Liars

Mike Huckabee: Trump Is A 'Remarkable President'

In another sycophantic segment, Fox and Friends has created a new presidential marker, "the first 150 days of Trump" (way to move the goalposts!) Mike Huckabee claims Americans should be saying, "Thank you, Mr. President." Trump hasn't passed any meaningful legislation within Congress on jobs or taxes, and outside of using executive orders, he's done nothing…

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