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Friday, June 16, 2017

"Winning, Winning,Winning"; Polls Don't Agree

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The ship is truly sinking. 

Image result for trump sinking AmericaDonald Trump, as President, is suffering decreasing approval ratings along with related increasing disapproval ratings and Gallup has just published a piece regarding Trump's 
satisfaction rate/ level among Republicans.  Yes, the ship is sinking.


Satisfaction with Direction of US by Party Affiliation

A quick review of the graphic shows a dramatic drop in Republican satisfaction of their nascent party leader and president.  In May, the rate was around 57 percent, half way through June the rate has dropped 17 points. 

It appears Republicans are falling-off-the Trump Carnival wagons. Wagons the GOP and conservative Americans have circled around Trump since revelations of his Billy Bush vagina grabbing video. Those emptying wagons mean sure doom for the GOP.  

Alas, the suffering doesn't stop with the GOP The national satisfaction rate has dropped to a one year low of 24 percent. 

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