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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Your Daily Dose Of Trump Lies

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The Rose Garden Q and A.

30 seconds
One minute

We have no interest in posting the full 26 minutes Rose Garden event.  Our time is better spent on a few reminders of Trump's total lack of veracity.   

Let's look and listen.

-Obama's Hawaii records
Donald Trump's Team of Investigators on Obama (short version)

Donald Trump - Obama Birth Certificate - Greatest Scam (longer version)

-How about that Wall

-Lost Hundreds of Friends on 9/11

-Trump University (the embodiment of Trump)

ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos

CSNews On Trumps fraudulent enterprise

But let's revisit yesterday's Rose Garden Presser.  Did you see Trump lie in response to a question with immediate contrary information offered by the Romanian President?

If you ave a few more minutes, follow this AM Joy, MSNBC, guest and his comment bout Trump...and his degraded state of mind.

If you believe anything which emanates from Trump's mouth or the mouths of his press staff and surrogates, you are either suffering from severe levels of gullible or, worse yet, you do not mind being fed a steady diet of lies.

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