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Friday, July 7, 2017

A Serious World And The Phony President (Trump At G20 Smorgasbord Of Buffoonery)

Image result for trump sinking the USIt doesn't take much to recognize a suck-butt. Trump is filling that role to the maximum as he meets with Putin.

Leaning to accommodate a diminutive Russian leader and offering a soothing butt sucking back rub.

"embarrassing" ....... "We are seeing the shrinking of American prestige in the world before our very eyes" US Historian.

How about being attentive for a second or two?

When we elect a child to do an adults job.

What follows is totally pathetic and validates Trump;s daughter as a liar equal to his acumen at issuing lies.. A few weeks ago she stated on camera that she avoids political issues in her /whtie HOuse role. There isn;t a sane international leader who would plant an offspring in a chair among the world's leading international leaders.

This is serious business and we are represented by a reality show clown.

CNN's Smerconish on Trump as an international buffoon (my word).

All observations aside, the US Presidency is a serious matter and our affinity for giggly reality show TV celebrities failed us. 

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