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Thursday, July 13, 2017

America, "We Have A Problem" (...But Her Again) VIDEO

The email tells all! 

The following series of MSNBC's segments are classic journalism (with a touch of opinion reporting) which has to draw the attention of some of Special Counsel Mueller's investigators. Unlike Trump's Hawaiian investigators who seem to continue to investigate former President Obama's birth certificate (We have no final report), Mueller's team will eventually tie the loose ends and the tension of the ties are closing in of Trump's election campaign.

As you know the MSNCB evening starts with Chris Hayes. We generally discount Chris Matthews as a good addition to the evening fare.

Chris Hayes, MSNBC-ALL IN, dissected Trump Junior email scandal. If you haven't viewed the segment know it is a bit long. I found real value in the parts of the segment in which Haye's producers posted copied text on a minute to minute breakdown. The dialog which follows is good stuff, but probably for those who are curious about future legal entanglements for Trump's eldest offspring.

Rachel Maddow in an evening and much longer segment reported on a document trail (inclusive of email which seems to indicate a suspicion of deep collusion among the Trump campaign and Russian operatives and officials.  As is the case with Maddow, it is not easy to discern how we can expedite viewing of certain segments, especially her opening "A" Block segments. 

Lawrence O'Donnell closed out MSNBC'score evening shows with the copious comment about Jared Kushner. Over the past few evenings, O'Donnell has almost exclusively devoted his probing minutes to Kushner as the quiet operative who may be escaping critical scrutiny.

Yes, we know, the videos were long, you didn't; have time for such long views.  Of course, You should recall the early days and months after the Watergate break-in seems like a fire with little to no smoke. Trump's election issues are diametrically opposite with so much smoke, we can not yet see the fire.

Yes, America we have a problem 

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