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The Pardu
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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Joy Ann Reid Fact Checks Right Wing Talking Head

Right-wing surrogates simply do not have a chance against the ever-mindful and politically astute, Joy Ann Reid.

Why do the GOP and RNC send their surrogates out on to media sets which easily and readily refutable lies? The lies may work quite effectively on Fox News and various  AM radio outlets, and yes, on Breitbart News, but the lies fail miserably when out side of those safe propaganda outlets.

Crooks & Liar July 16, 2017

Joy Reid's Instant Fact Check Shuts Down GOPer For 'Peddling' Anti-Clinton Conspiracy Theory

MSNBC host Joy Ann Reid on Sunday treated conservative activist Herb London to a live on-air fact check after he claimed that then-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton had colluded with Russians. During a Sunday panel segment, Reid suggested that Trump official were aware that Donald Trump Jr. was in legal jeopardy because they made a $50,000…

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