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Monday, July 10, 2017

Kelly Anne Conway Defends Trump Jr. The LIfe Of The Presstitute

...and the wanna be presstitute who eventually claims sexual harassment after seduction for a job.

Image result for conservative newsWe write a lot about Trump's cadre of presstitutes who comply with cable news producer requests to occupy interview seats along with the network hosts.  

CNN's role in staging interactions with Trump's talking head alternative fact purveyor is unsurpassed on cable network news relates shows.  This morning's New Day followed the script with Trump's "alternative facts" queen Kelly Anne Conway: Trump's closest (and most prolific) presstitute who practice interview times minute dominance better than any other. It is important to recognize Conway's role of spewing Trumpism replete with agreed upon lies (alternative facts) while consuming airtime to the point of stifling a productive interview. Cable news segments have tight time requirements with newsroom producers and directors guiding and directing the interview. The on air host knows when it is time to cut away from a segment, especially if a segment advertisement awaits. It is obvious the guest also have a sense of over consumption of minutes means less time to field real question base din genuine concerns.

An opportunity to show as a spokesperson fulfilling the Administration's responsibility to communicate while working to tie the interview into a time wasted knot seems to be a way to please Trump and Bannon. It doesn't seem to matter that such interactions make the presstitute appear as a dishonest purveyor of lies and misinformation; highly paid albeit, but nonetheless a lying on camera talking head. 

After Sunday's New York Times report, Donald Trump Jr. admitted to reports he met with "a formidable operator with a history with the Kremlin" Trump and company must have spent the night strategizing on air minutes for Conway and company.  Conway hit the morning trail ready to spew the innocence of Trump Jr. while bent on talking throw interview segments like a robot covered in skin wearing a hairpiece. (No we are not saying Conway wears  a hair piece). 

Consider a Mediaite piece with two early morning segments of Conway running interference for Trump's increasingly unpopular administration. The segment ran for quite some time as Conway is a skilled presstitute.

ABC News also had its Sunday morning session with Conway.

It should be noted, Conway spent copious air minutes disparaging Trump when she served as a mouthpiece for GOP candidate Ted Cruz. (Exhibit 1,  Exhibit 2, Exhibit 3). Exhibit 3 is of particular note as it also has a noted Trump presstitute for the campaign: Scotty Neil Hughes. 

It is not possible to avoid a summary conclusion that Trump's presstitutes are of questionable character who probably fit the job description requirement of spewing alternative facts (lies) without hesitation. 

Over this past weekend, The Daily Mail UK and other print media reported on an unfolding lawsuit of sexual harassment against another Fox News personality.

Payne presents Making Money on Fox Business, but is currently suspended
Fox News Charles Payne
Racy emails have emerged that were purportedly sent  from married analyst Scottie Nell Hughes (pictured) to Fox Business host Charles Payne during their three-year affair
Accuser Scotty Nell Hughes
  Oh boy!

Before we go on, let's refresh our memory of comments of " I was vying for a contributors contract" from victims of Fox News host's sexual harassment. Another point worthy, is the reality the pubic claims of harassment seem to solely fall on "hot shots" show hosts who worked for the Fox News Network.
The emails also appear to imply weekend sexual encounters
Yes, Let's Make America Great Again

How about a teaser from The Daily Mail UK

"at an election-night 'war room', she said she walked in on Hughes and a nationally syndicated radio DJ: 'his pants were undone, half of her clothes were off, his hair was disheveled"
Make you want to review images of conservative nationally syndicated radio DJ's to see which have enough hair for their coiffure to become "disheveled."

Payne has addressed the reports and the harassment suit, Hughes official did not respond to The Daily Mail. 

Heavy dot com also developed a reminder post about Hughes. 

Oh the life and times of the presstitute and some who wish to secure income via "any means" necessary. 

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