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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Quick Hit: Scaramucci, Nice Fit

Image result for scaramucci in 2015

Scaramucci is going to be the perfect fit for a spot on Trump's cabal of liars. The man stated 14 times a love for Trump while offering wild metaphoric examples of his perception of the nation's 45 President. Unfortunately, reality offers a vastly differently US President.

Yesterday Katy Tur sitting-in for Chuck Todd stated a definitive case about Trump's nascent super sycophant.

While no surprise, Trump's communications guy also has a possible history regarding  Russia and history which some have questions of late. Business Insider.  

In 2015, Scaramucci spoke very differently about Trump. also, notice the video preceded the demise of Roger Ailes and notice the strategic on-camera leg cross from the woman seated in the famous Fox News leg and thigh corner seat.  

But now, Scaamucci "loves Trump." 

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