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Friday, July 7, 2017

Rachel Maddow And Company Exposes Efforts To Manipulate Media (VIDEO)

Image result for the rachel maddow showThe following is a long video. We realize any of your are at work and will not or can not devoted 21 minutes to viewing and listening to a video. The video requires full attention, so if you can not view it immediately (and did not see it last night no TRMS), consider setting it aside for good viewing opportunities.

It is one of a kind and it is not about "BREAKING NEWS"; that tired, worn out and manipulative news tease. The segment is about attempts to manipulate a liberal show host (and her team (via a forged surreptitious document. Again it is one of a kind.

We are less than six months into the Trump Administration. We are seeing never before butt-sucking of a Russian leader via a US President. We are reading and hearing of unprecedented effort to data manipulate US election last fall. We are also seeing over the top examples of subterfuge surrounding all things Trump.

As of this week, The Rachel Maddow Show is the leading one hour cable news show across the full spectrum of cable news.  Wouldn't it be a major prize from the Right to have an opportunity to discredit the liberal host and her team? Trumps quests for his "Fake News" Label apparently ran up against pure intellect, wherewithal and proper journalistic acumen. 

Now as yourself, why would an opportunity to relegate the leading liberal news related show to that of "discredited" serve a purpose.  If you did not come to a point of thinking, someone on he Right is jobbing us, you may have already slipped into the darkness of Trumpism. 

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