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Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: 47% Believe Trump Won The Popular Vote ("Stupid Is As Stupid Does")

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Morning Consult/POLITICO Poll...and it shows the scope, breadth, and zaniness of the Republican Party and its supporters.    

As I was tooling through channels last night I ran across a CNN segment Anderson Cooper 360, in which a couple of GOP operatives were extolling the rural nature of Donald Trump's win last November. They two actually used the word's "rural" as if new dog whistle phraseology comparable to GOP use of the word "urban" in some cases to denote a less than a desirable environment replete with minorities and all that is non-white.

Before you view a graphic posted by Morning Consult, consider the reality of a president who is showing signs of mental instability, signs of over the top poor judgment, and obvious attempts to hide financial aspects of his life. Think in terms of such a person when the GI sends it operatives out with rural: voter language. If the rural voters gave us Trump, the rural voter and their party must wear the collar of potential danger inherent in Donald Trump.

Take a look and visit Morning Consult.

The level of knowledge void can be attributed only to the 47%'s choice of media. Anytime spent viewing television news of reading a newspaper would yield the reality Clinton won the popular vote by almost three million votes.

The ultimate sadness? The US nonvoters, GOP voter suppression, and third party voters. Those people are the Americans who handed Trump the US Presidency. not the knowledge void people who comprise that 47% in the graphic above.
"Are you crazy or just stupid?"

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