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Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Insulting Trump Surrogacy (VIDEO)

Well, it seems someone on the Right has suffered a brainiac epiphany. As of this week, someone in the White House decided to inform and humor their base with flashcards.
Humorous? Maybe for conservatives who no longer consider the White House a special place in which to house mature and serious minded adults.  It seems not only did almost half the nation vote for a reality TV bloviating clown, they also seem to expect the show to carry on via the Oval Office.

The second installment of a silly politics (and associated surrogacy) hit this morning as Joy Reid booked a so-called security expert to her AM JOY show. The "expert" obviously got the memo regarding visual theatrics. He also remained steadfast in his efforts to overlook or ignore the reali9ty Junior accepted the meeting and we are finding the members of the meeting seem to grow with each revelation from Junior's lawyers.

Actually, the visuals speak in many ways,. The images speak to the character and quality of individual with which the Trumps affiliated and hold dear, and yes the use of the images speaks to the level of desperation via the Trumps.

Before we leave, notice another example of Trump surrogacy in the form of insults to rational Americans. 

Jonathan Alter wasn't about to allow the GOP talking head opportunity to rattle off talking point malarkey.

Silly politics?  No, the surrogate member of Congress didn't offer silly visuals, she is well known for baffling and 
on camera nonserious personal visuals. 

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