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Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: No Russian Involvement, Secret Meetings, And US Security Service

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Russian "dealings?"

"I have a certified letter". A certified letter? If someone has the inside scoop on the relevance of Trump's May 2017 claiming of a "certified letter," Help us all understand his point. Trump's Lester Hold interview has become the Trump interview which will without question make the archives of Trump's failed administration. While the major historic item from the interview relates to Trump;s firing of then FBI Director James Comey, there is another area of relevance to a failing president.

First "I was going to fire Comey."

The "certified letter" via a You Tube Account.
It was reported prior to the interview that the White House was having a law firm prepare a certified letter that would show that Trump currently has no business links with Russia. The letter would then be delivered to Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC). 
Tonight, he informed Lester Holt that he now has said letter and it’s been given to Graham. 
“I just sent a letter from Lindsey Graham from one of the most prestigious law firms in the country that I have nothing to do with Russia,” the President said. 
After highlighting some past business dealings he’d had with Russians, such as the Miss Universe Pageant and selling a house to a Russian billionaire, he let Holt know once more he had a letter. 
I have a certified letter, just so you understand,” Trump noted. “I’m not just saying that.” Explaining again that Graham has the letter, he concluded by saying that “it says I’m not involved in Russia.”

Donald Trump is a flim-flam man unrivaled in US History.

Now let's move to today's Sunday Morning news shows. Trumps nascent public attorney, Jay Sekulow, visited all five shows with the same (lame) comments about Trump Junior's ill fated meeting with Manafort, Kushner and Russian operatives.  

Jay Sekulow, stated on Sunday on the ABC News's This Week.  
"Well, I wonder why the Secret Service, if this was nefarious, why the Secret Service allowed these people in. The president had Secret Service protection at that point, and that raised a question with me," 
Sekulow seems to share the Trump administration's need to feed garbage to Trump;s base.  As we often do here on the TPI let's seek an expert opinion/comment.

Secret Service spokesman Mason Brayman:
"Donald Trump, Jr. was not a protectee of the USSS in June, 2016. Thus we would not have screened anyone he was meeting with at that time," the statement said."
 Yes, America: "We have a problem!"

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