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Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Trump's Continuing Train Wreck (July 13, Version)

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OK, so we realize Sean Hannity's evening audience may include over-the-top Fox New ditto heads, and we know many conservatives are now polling with a sentiment a college education is ruining the nation, but Kelly Anne Conway's 3rd-grade paper visual exercise should be an insult to all. We are not going to show the full interview as the salient point falls within a 13-second span.  It really isn't funny.
Watch as Mike Pence's spokesperson avoided simply saying: "NO". Also, recognize he refused to say no on the friendly confines of Fox News.
Trump in France at a presser. "Most people would have taken that meeting!" Does the man ever consider some in his base are not falling for that one?  That interview could carry a degree of legal entanglement.

On another front, how utter inappropriate, patronizing and phony. Trump lashes "beauty on French First Lady.  Also, notice Trump's arm candy model wife place her hand on the French First Lady as if to offer her up to Trump's sexism.

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