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Monday, July 17, 2017

Trump: Data Is So Hurtful (Travel, Polling et al)

On July 14th, Judicial Watch published a piece with a headline which includes Trump travels total $3.58 million.  Remarkable, eh?

 Judicial Watch President

  • Melania Trump flew to Mar-a-Lago between February 3-6 on a C-37B military jet at an operating cost of $10,075 per hour for six hours. The total comes to $60,450.
  • Vice President Pence flew Air Force Two 5.58 hours to Houston for the Super Bowl between February 3-6 at an operating cost of $15,994 per hour, for a total of $89,246.52.
  • Melania Trump flew from New York to Washington DC on February 10 to join her husband on Air Force One for the trip to Mar-a-Lago. She departed on February 12 for New York on a C-37A jet for a weekend total of 7.09 hours at $10,075 per hour, bringing the cost to $71,431.75.
  • President Trump flew Air Force One 5.7 hours to Mar-a-Lago between February 17-21 at an operating cost of $142,380 per hour, for a total of $811,566.
  • Melania Trump flew from New York to Mar-a-Lago between February 17-21. One leg she flew 5.63 hours on a C-37B military jet at an operating cost of $10,075 per hour for a total of $56,722.25 and on the other leg she flew 5.57 hours on a C-40B jet at $5,450 per hour for a total of $30,356.50. The grand total is $87,078.75.
  • President Trump flew 4.1 hours on Air Force One to Mar-a-Lago between March 17-19 at $142,380 per hour, for a total of $583,758.
In response to a Judicial Watch FOIA request, the Air Force produced the following record:
  • President Trump entertained Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at Mar-a-Lago between February 10-13 where they played a round of golf. They flew Air Force One 4.2 hours at $142,380 per hour for a total of $597,996.
Judicial Watch previously released documents showing travel expenses of $1,281,420.

Judicial Watch also closely Obama family travel costs throughout his presidency.  In response to a June 19, 2014, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, Judicial Watch recently received documents from the Secret Service related to Michelle Obama’s March 2014 trip to China. The total Secret Service expenses adds up to $389,931.71:
  • $288,662.07 in hotels
  • $72,701.14 in car rentals
  • $5,020.52 in cell phone charges
  • $4,282.65 in rental reproduction equipment
  • $393.52 in printers and toners
  • $1,010.63 in cell phone rentals
  • $199.17 in supplies
  • $11,266.38 in overtime/per diem pay
  • $1,265.13 in miscellaneous services by another government agency
  • $5,130.50 in Air/Rail
Let's digress a bit for Trump's Presidential privilege travel (with self-patronizing of his properties). How about a Mondy morning review of where we are regarding Trump's approval ratings. 

Not so good frankly. We are sure Trump really loves it.

Bloomberg in two-minutes:

ABC News/Washington Post poll (in 2:43 minutes)

Behavior tells a bunch about a person. The ABC News/Washington Post poll led to these graphics from  ABC dot com.

It also seems Trump's Twitter toy isn't working for a majority of survey respondents. Of course, his base loves it, but we know of his base; now don't we? 

Image result for MSNBC washington post poll

After six months in office, Trump has the lowest approval rating since the beginning of sophisticated political polling. Now, that is something he can brag about. How about a look back at the past three Administrations.

Trump: -22 
Obama: +22 
Bush W: +21

The Washington Post poll with findings which should not only validate other polls, the findings should send a message to Trump and Company.

CNN capture a 50-50 vote of Trump regret during one of its recent Trump voter focus group. 


Problem America?

Trump Theme Week
Trump's "Made in America Week." He actually has the gall to bring that up.

MSNBC July 17, 2017

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