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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Trump Topics Of The Day: Russiagate And Obamacare

Before we start, allow two key points. 

First, if you believe Trump's top campaign figures met with a Russian lawyer a former Soviet Intel Officer and a mysterious American real state operative, to discuss child adoption you might find the next point also acceptable.

Next, if you believe for one second the GOP will pursue a fair health care law after repealing the ACA, you are a great candidate for a free Great White Shark back ride dive into the deep.

CNN pays a Trump presstitute to come on their air and make a total fool of himself while offending rational Americans. Of course, CNN also entertains a diverse audience and Jeffrey Lord's callous insanity is probably loved by certain segments of CNN's viewers. We feel it only fair to warn you: PATHETIC PRESSTITUTE ALERT.

Let's skips over to a Fox News video from last year. As we watch the daily unraveling of the Trump administration, let's think back for o the record remarks about ongoing investigations. Of course, we know Pirro is a Fox News demagogue but we must report as reporting requires.
I don't believe any presidential administration in US history has experienced the level and scope of investigations Pirro and others felt would fall upon Clinton  and her "email."  

Speaking of Fox News and its demagogues:


The Affordable Care Act is really posing problems for the underhanded and praise seeking Republicans. Yes, they seek praise from people who are Top 01% ers and the prospect of major tax cuts.

Trump's comments after last night's GOP Senate bail on reeling and replacing the ACA included that follows. 

"Just let ObamaCare fail; I am not going to own it."

Here is Trump's full statement.

So, is Trump promulgating that lie of Obamacare suffering a "death spiral?

Politifact doesn't agree.


Obamacare "is in a death spiral."
— Hugh Hewitt on Sunday, March 26th, 2017 in comments on "Meet the Press"   
Politifact excerpt

The idea that Obamacare is in a "death spiral" — a specific term used in the health insurance industry — is a claim that we’ve heard before. Experts say Hewitt is incorrect.

"Death spiral" is a health industry term built around three components:

Shrinking enrollment;

Healthy people leaving the system;

Rising premiums.

Specifically, a death spiral occurs when shrinking enrollment leads to a deteriorating risk pool (or when healthy people leave the plan due to the cost). That leads to higher premiums for the people remaining in the insurance pools, which causes enrollment to shrink even further, continuing the cycle until the entire system fails.

The latest government figures show enrollment in the Affordable Care Act is slightly down from last year. Through Jan. 31, 2017, some 12.2 million people were signed up for coverage through a federal or state marketplace, which is a decrease of 500,000, or 4 percent, from the same point last year.

End Excerpt (visit link above for more)

MSNBC personality Velshi offers a contrary position on Obamacare.

In May of this year, the Five-Thirty Eight Blog published a comprehensive piece on GOP claims of Obamacare in a death spiral. It should be noted the ACA certainly needs serious fixes, but the fixes should not involve kicking 20 plus million Americans off the health care roles and gutting Medicaid (all while offering the nation's .01% major taxes cuts).

Herewith is an excerpt from the piece:
Some insurers are indeed leaving marketplaces because they have lost money — but that’s not the only factor. Congress has reduced or canceled payments that the ACA had guaranteed to insurers, taking away funds that companies were counting on when they created plans and increasing the risk the industry was facing. And some insurers have retreated from markets where they were making money. Aetna, for example, was turning a profit on Obamacare plans in at least some of the states in which it operated, but it appears to have been using the threat of leaving the markets as leverage to win approval for a proposed merger with Humana that the Obama administration had blocked. Some Blue Cross Blue Shield plans and Molina Healthcare, which built business models around providing coverage for low-income people, have fared much better.

Before we end this piece, a reminder from CNN's Jake Tapper of the irresponsible and narcissistic man-child in the Oval Office.

Why do Republicans so disrespect their base?

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