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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Trump/GOP Voter Commission Witch Hunt (Video)

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Donald Trump lost the popular vote by 2.84 million votes once the final tally was closed as official. why we live in a nation where electors and cable news staff call elections with a mind for ending it all on election night (and, well before midnight), is far more serious than perplexing. Nonetheless, Trump was declared the winner of the electoral vote and he now sits in the Oval Office; albeit as precariously as we have even seen. 

Yet you are naive if you fail to recognize losing the popular vote via the mind of a carnival barking celebrity isn't personally troublesome, you probably cast a Trump vote. It bothers the man to the core. Hence, his wild-haired claim of 3 million illegal immigrant votes across the full span of the nation. How utterly preposterous? Yet, we are now expending millions from GDP to chase a false premise from the mind of a president who is showing clear signs of early stage dementia. A false premise from a showman who continues to entertain the nation's more prurient celebrity worshippers and chronically uninformed.

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Trump didn't stop his insane claim of three (3) million illegal immigrant votes with common Trump oratory, he established a ridiculous commission to study voter fraud. A commission headed by a noted Kansas Attorney General is known for over-the-top regressive immigration policies and equally regressive voter ID policies. 

CNN's Joshua Douglas stated the extent of the Trump voter commission fraud as well as any I have read.  A sham.

To date 44 states have refused the request to provide vital voter information.  You Should ask yourself, why would Trump and his party actually want such data. Another critical question is the fact there is no way to full secure information data bases and another possibility: does Trump want to offer-up the data to Putin's hackers to facilitate a more effective 2018 and 2020 election tampering? Sound far fetched?  Well, so was Trump entertaining two high level Russian officials in the Oval Office while commenting about getting rid of FBI director Comey. Another issue worthy of laying out here. How easy would it be for a crafty Internet geek to data manipulate the first seven numbers of our Social Security numbers if they possess our names, military records, addresses and past voting records? 

Be cautious of Trump and his GOP seeking such information. 

Missouri is apparently one of the 6 states who are willing to comply with Trump's data quests. Chris CNN, CNN New Day cornered a smiling Missouri elections official who attempted to sit on camera ad spew right wing talking points and false reality from real data. Data which shows voter ID fraud or impersonation is as frequent as your being struck by lightning. 

While the graphic from VOX (above) is more up to date, it doesn't visually provide quick reviews of issues related to voter fraud and the fallacy of it all.

Voter Fraud Basics

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Myth: Electronic voting is smart / dangerous. Supporters and opponents of electronic voting tend to have strong feelings. One side thinks it can help eliminate voter fraud and the other thinks it simply facilitate voter fraud. The truth is both sides have merit. On one hand electronic voting and voter registration would help make the process of voting easier and more widespread, also (when done correctly) ensures that everyone casts one vote. However, an electronic system that is insecure in anyway could lead to manipulation of votes by a group (think the Diebold shenanigans). While electronic voting is certainly the future of voting, the road we take to get there could be a bumpy one. 
Myth: Voter ID prevents in-person voter fraudSome sources say voter ID laws don’t prevent turnout and stop potentially hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens from voting and stop people from casting more than one ballad. On the other hand almost all other sources say voter ID prevents those most likely to not be able to obtain valid ID (students, low income, seniors) are hurt and point to statistics like the fact that “Out of the 197 million votes cast for federal candidates between 2002 and 2005, only 40 voters were indicted for voter fraud. Only 26 of those cases, or about .00000013 percent of the votes cast, resulted in convictions or guilty pleas.” 
Both sides of the voter ID debate have merit. On one hand the average person believes in “one citizen, one vote”, but on the other hand basic logic will tell you that restrictive voting laws are going to decrease the number of the 55%(ish) of Americans who vote. We should be finding ways to ensure more people participate in a fair election, restrictive voter ID laws that make it impossible for students to vote are an example of an imperfect solution at best.
Be aware of the  GOP bringing "gifts."

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