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Monday, July 24, 2017

Trumpism: Kuhner Goes Public (Liar or No?)

Of course, he is a liar. 

It should be apparent to any rational person in order to become close to Donald Trump, one has to be a pathological liar. We do what is comfortable for us and, for the most part, avoid that which isn't comfortable. Trump via requisite sycophancy and demand for loyalty also without question insist of traits similar to those he manifest.   If a person suffers from what I call "first thought lying", he/she will totally avoid people who call them out for their lying and avoid people who do not share the same social depravity. 

Dave Granlund /

We report on Jared Kushner's day as a matter of archive. We do not believe one letter of Kushner's prehearing statement nor do we believe on mili-second of his minutes on the White House mic.

Earlier today one of Trump's lying cabal, a key member, sat for a nonpublic hearing regarding potential involvement in Russian collusion in the 2016 elections. After the hearing, Kushner rushed to his handler's and eventually, a came to a White House microphone to state what shows in the video below.

The following posts items  (both print and oral) are for those who will give Kushner their ear. I frankly did not read his statement nor did I watch his White House moment. Long ago, I learned the downside of availing oneself to serial liars. It is important to also remember you are the steward and guardian of your gray matter and your psyche. Trump and all about Trump is a total lie

Trump's Politifact file from the link (above.)

Twenty "True" statement for over 400 total statement.

Time for a bit of Kushner.


If you are inclined to buy into trumpism (and all inherent lying) here is Kushner's eleven-page statement,

It was most refreshing to hear and see the response from Shepard Smith.

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