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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Trump's Sinking Administration (A Legacy Six Months Post-Inauguration)

Related imageThe International confidence of Donald Trump as an international leader to do the right thing regarding world affairs has dipped to an unprecedented level. Actually, Trump's overall approval level in the United States is decreasing comparable to a punctured automobile tire (See CNBC embed below the following graphics.

What follows is both anticipate and pathetic. 

In mid-June 2017, CNBC (Hart Research) Published a readout on Trump's approval rating among 800 survey respondents. The results show approval leakage comparable to a bald tread tire with a wood screw air leak.

CNBC, Hart Research See Question 2.

While Trump's polling slide since this past February is pronounced. July 2017 polling will probably show a sharper decline. 

Why you ask? 

Trump Junior's election collusion with what he thought was a Russian government emissary; a collision meeting he attended along with Manafort, Trump's Campaign Manager, and Jared "jack of all trade (screw ups) " Kushner.

Actual Time Magazine cover.
Donald Trump Jr. Red Handed Time Magazine Cover

Of course, you know the story, but watching an email issue related to the Trumps is way too intriguing and gratifying to ignore.

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