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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Trump's Time In Putin's Limelight (A National Disgrace)

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Trump's America?

If there is anything in the following three video segments which surprise you, you haven't watched one second of national news in many months. Even more problematic, you might actually as a Trump sycophant (AKA a Trumpanzie, Trumpug or Trumpcoat; your choice).

Despite public denial or not accepting Russian hacking of the 2016 elections while also commenting on why President Obama "did nothing to stop it", Trump's public in congruence and his eager opportunity to schmooze and suckling up to Russia's "V Putin" was in no way a surprise.   

Watch as Trump literally schmoozes the Russia dictator as if begging for a morsel of food after thirty days of starvation If left completely alone with Putin, one can only imagine the extent to which Trump may have shuffled his comb over. 

Video shows Pres. Trump, Russian Pres. Putin shaking hands at G-20 summit ahead of their high-stakes meeting today.
— ABC News (@ABC) July 7, 2017

Allow me a moment to correct my Trump quote via Talking Points Memo: "It's An 'Honor To Be With You ..."

"... to be with you."  Trump didn't fail to exactly nail his surrogacy.  "to be with you." carries a far more subservient and acquiescent message than " meet with you."

The rational person has to wonder if this meme doesn't thoroughly cover Trump's wanton schmoozing of the world's number one authoritarian leader.

Image result for trump's 3.7 billion to putin's 223 billion
We are sure Putin appreciates the height leveling.

In any case or scenario, Trump's behavior is far from that of a US President more akin to a corporate underling sucking hard to gain favor form his or her rock star like CEO.

In one video clip, Trump leaned into Putin (a telling nonverbal in an of itself) and uttered, "I am delighted (or honored) to meet you." 

How about a few reminders of the man Trump so grovelling sought to suckle?

Quartz dot com published a piece regarding today's Sunday New Show comments about Trump's court jester-like behavior. 


Putin, who has ruled Russia since 2000, has created a regime under which his opponents are murdered; political prisoners are sent to Siberia for decades behind bars; minority rights are suppressed; opposition is quashed; foreign territory is forcefully annexed; and Syria’s bloodthirsty president, Bashar Assad, enjoys direct military support for his massacres.
The Quartz piece also details in a categorized manner Putin's international malfeasance which include murder and international subterfuge.

Didn't Americans roving surrogate president also state similarly about Kim Jung Un, North Korean leaders/dictator)?  

Trump 'honored' to meet Kim Jong Un under 'right circumstances ...

Do you realize "Making America Great Again" meant embracing  and male bonding with the Earth's most horrific dictators?

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