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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A Tragic Death, A GOP Money Broker, A Fake News Host, And Another 45 Scandal

Hiding From Russian Connections continued....

It probably doesn't surprise you to know Trump's White House conspired with Fox News in developing and broadcasting of a false story. for sake of clarity, the story was run over the course of days broadcast then archived; Fox mgmt. followed and reported on the false story as if it were a course from the Judeo-Christian Bible. And yes, the nation (correction Fox News viewers) followed the story as closely as one should pay attention to a pastor each Sunday. The reason for the concocted story, while not surprising, stretches the shame meter of conservative media and Trump's Campaign and mind-shaper operatives.

As you read through this piece and view the posted video, think deep about the quality of life inherent in entities who deploy levels of lies, misinformation and who practice outright manipulation of media. If you don't think of the likes of Hitler's Communications Minister, Joseph Goebbels, you are probably not well school in the history of humankind.

Rod Wheeler Fox News
The backstory via Variety.  (key figures via Variety)
Image result for hannity fox
Fox News host Sean Hannity speaks during the Conservative Political Action Conference in 2016. Rod Wheeler, a longtime paid commentator for Fox News, appeared on Hannity's show to discuss Seth Rich's death. A week after the appearance, Fox retracted the story, saying the reporting process failed to live up to its standards. 

Image result for ed butowsky
The lawsuit alleges that Ed Butowsky, a wealthy Trump supporter from Texas, played a significant role in weaving a false story about Rich's death. LM Otero/AP
Does it surprise to find Hannity at the core of the fake news?  Let's not forget Hannity was also at the White House this past week along with another Fox News personality. Remember, the meeting which so allegedly riled the then White House Chief of Staff.
If you prefer a more in-depth read, try NPR's account.
Ok, so the White House indicates Trump wasn't personally involved in the fake news scandal. A scandal nonetheless which settles awful close to Trump.
Media Matters version of the story.

CNN's Brooke Baldwin delved into the latest social maneuvering and political subterfuge from Trump and his cable news propaganda department.

It appears America has gone to sleep with dreams of a better day. The problem is....the Sandman delivered Donald Trump. And, that America is a major problem.

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