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Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Audacity Of The Racist Charlottesville Organizer And His Terrorist Car Murderer

James Alex Fields Jr. in a mugshot released by the Charlottesville, Va., police department.
CreditCharlottesville Police Department, via Reuters

He told his mother he was going to the rally. (Aug. 12)
 (..a Trump rally)

Within hours  the organizer of the racist protest, local blogger Jason Kessler, spoke about the terrorist (car) killing via killing his brethren:
Jason Kessler said in an interview Saturday evening that whoever drove a car into a group of counter-protesters "did the wrong thing." 
He also claimed he was saddened people were hurt: "SADDEN?"

Photo published for Jason Kessler

Today he decided to address the racist gathering via a personal appearance. These people really do not understand the scope and full measure of abhorrence of their ideology by some Americans. They are truly people who suffer from chronic "White Privilege."


What privilege manifest in a person that drives them out for a public gathering after sponsoring a protest at which one was killed and dozens were injured?  An event which garnered hundreds of seething racists armed for a confrontation like a pack of home made armed militia?  

A person privileged in his state of racism buoyed by a president who still has come forth with outright and total condemnation. He felt comfortable taking his racism to a platform with cameras to say "he was saddened?"

The death victim and a report from the nation's top white supremacist website and publication. 

The Victim

The Murder before his neo-nazi haircut

Media Matters
After praising Trump's statement on Charlottesville, a neo-Nazi website celebrates murder of counterprotester Heather Heyer 
Hate website The Daily Stormer says victim was "the definition of uselessness" and that "most people are glad she is dead"
And A US President Who Won't Speak out

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