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Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: America We Have A Problem": Chronic Trumpitis

Trump's "Breaking News" As Sure As The Next Day

If you hire a reality TV show actor, figure or clown, expect to one thing for certain: A REALTY TV SHOW.

Trump is keeping media, bloggers and interested Americans so busy with his meandering and pathetic Carnival show we find ourselves becoming nonchalant about the cable news moniker: "Breaking News."

Yes, media uses the phrase to attract and hold-on to viewers between commercial breaks. More seriously, Trump has placed the (news related) phrase in a new light. "Breaking News," nowadays is so Trumpian, cable news networks may as well use a moniker such as: "Trump Update." We awaken each day confident the Trump reality show will offer new episodes; episodes which will surpass the pathetic nature of the report the day before.

Yesterday, the big news was Trump's claims of phone calls from both a Boy Scout of American executive in support of his Jamboree speech two weeks ago and what Trump stated as receiving a phone call from the President of Mexico with "great job" words about lowered numbers of border crossings. Well, both states were lies. He never received a call from either person. But, you knew he was lying when you heard each remark, now didn't you?

Trump's Press Secretary may avoid using the word "lie", but fully attentive and mature adults know a lie when the lie is discovered.
This morning the newest of the new (Breaking News) was the Washington Post (alleged) transcripts of a Trump call to the President of Mexico.  While a condensed version of the call was published days after the WAPO has published the full 52-page transcript.  

How about a couple of social media segments about the WAPO transcript?

America: "We Have A Problem": Chronic Trumpitis.  

And, the condition is terminal.

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