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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: The Facts Please?

The Irrational, The Dishonest, And The Unacceptable

Just so you know.

Just So You Know

Stock Market gains are good news for any presidential administration. You may have noticed Trump has started to grab the Dow Jones record breaking performances as his own. Of course, the well informed (and more rational among us) know the current market is for the most part fueled by an economy born in 2009 during President Obama's first year in office.

So be it, if Trump wants to feed his base via celebration an economy of which he has no background and had no impact. The economy continues revving from 2009 economic intervention via President Obama's team and a Democrat Party led Congress. He has every right to celebrate the reality of not immediately reversing Obama Years gains base don simply being in the Oval Office Trump hasn't enacted one piece of legislation which could be responsible for the current market boom. You might say: " Well, he is providing confidence and stability for businesses." Yes, of course, while he and his daughter produce their product line items overseas. 

Just so you know  

Trump frequently speaks (rants) about "anonymous" sources. In fact, his Attorney General, schmoozed up to Trump last week via threatening"anonymous" sources (AKA leaks). You should know by now Trump doesn't live a life of common behavior for all. Earlier today, Trumpmorning shared a "classified" report broadcast on his News Network: Fox News. The report was from "anonymous" sources.

Just So You Know

We the high-level potential criminal is suspected of being dirty, the criminal may receive a home read int eh wee-wee hours.

Just so you know...And Remember

Frankly, folks, everything about Trump wrecks of the irrational, the dishonest, and the unacceptable.

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