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Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Your GOP President And His Absence Of Condemnation

Is this your white supremacist's army?  

You may not share their zeal for supremacy over others (minorities, women, and Jews), but when you cast that GOP vote, rest assured you are wallowing in their pig pen.

Now, recall that old adage about the Pig Pen
When you wallow with a Pig in his pen, he loves you,
You hane lowered yourself to his pen, AND NOW YOU STINK.
Also, note your president hasn't spoken out in direct opposition to the white supremacists/anti-Semites. The informed American should wonder maybe even out loud, Trump won't speak out based on reflections of his family. Link.

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In case you are inclined to work to separate your vote from these people, know that the GOP is about racists acts of voter suppression and district gerrymandering to mitigate minority vote impact on elections. Those are racists acts. 

The absence of condemnation is outright approval.

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