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Monday, August 21, 2017

Trump Makes It Tough

Image result for trump spewing garbageDo you recall Rick Santorum's 2007 Iowa town hall at which he fed his audience a slice of racism?  Maybe you recall the phrase "BLAH People." A phrase from the mouth of an obviously biased and opportunist Santorum to cover his use of "black people" to tickle the innards of his conservative audience.  You will in the following video the audience gleefully applauds which cast serious doubt of Santorum's attempt to cover his heartfelt revelation.

If we were to give the biased politician the benefit of his lie, then, I wonder, why would the audience have some inside knowledge of an unknown species of "BLAH People".  They applauded with much glee.

Santorum recently agreed to provide the victim punching bag person for one of CNN's now famous Jerry Springer-like panels. The only difference in Santorum's appearance is he wasn't;p able to stand tall and provide fireworks comparable to the former CNN employee, Jeffrey Lords.   Santorum spoke of "uncomfort" in discussion of race in the context of the GOP party leader: Donald Trump.

Before we move to a Crooks & Liars piece of CNN's Santorum, let;s spend a minute and a a half on another paid contributor over of Fox News's (Legs and Thighs couch) and her uncomfort while defending Trump's regressive ideology and speech.

The GOP party leader makes it tough on his supporters. Well , some of his supporters.

Crooks & Liars

'I Hope You're Uncomfortable': Barkari Sellers Tears Into Santorum After He Tries To Shut Down Racism Debate

A discussion about systemic racism became heated on CNN Sunday when two conservative white guests argued that talking about race should be avoided because it makes white people uncomfortable. "It won't change until individuals who look like [Nina Turner] and I decide that enough is enough," CNN contributor Bakari Selleres pointed out. "And so many people…

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