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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Trumpism: The Art Of The Lie

If you don't already recognize Trumpism is foundationally set in the art of the lie, you must be an avid Trump supporter.

Do you recognize the buildings in the following picture?

Trump supporters post fake photos of huge crowds at Phoenix rally - as real images show room half-empty

Of course, you don't unless you live in Cleveland Ohio. If you live in Phoenix Arizona you certainly did not recognize the buildings and the crowd is also an enigma, unless you recognize a festive gathering of professional basketball supporters for their championship Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team.

Let's move to the next level of our remarks regarding the image and we start with a question. Why do Trump supporters so over-the-top exercises mind altering surreptitious acts in offering carnival barking lies to their fellow supporter? The image was plucked from a site across the Internet and published as crowd gathering for Trump's Phoenix rally. 

Now, for a picture of the crowd inside the arena.

 Ah yes, thousands upon thousands, right?

Think again!

David Catanese Twitter posted an image from another arena viewpoint.

Have we seen this subterfuge before?

Catanese also published this image of Trump's inauguration event.

Image result for trump team published fake inauguration images 

Trump's former Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, attempted to apply a hefty coating of carnival barking related to the crowd via offering the world Trump-like embellishment.

It should be noted Spicer's earliest visits to the press room was imbued with a crowd size lie. You we expect any different from some Trump supporters?

Trump's speech will go down in US History as a hallmark to his eventual separation from the US Presidency Yet, his information cadres and certain of his irrational supporters offer carnival barking lies to deliver a false reality.

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