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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Clinton's Email False Scandal Vs. Trump's Email Reality

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If you are a rational person who recognizes privilege (that you do not have), arrogance (that you do not exhibit) and hypocrisy (common to the entire Trump cabal), the developing email scandal besieging the Trump Administration will not surprise you. If you are an irrational Trump supporter or a person who voted for Trump, but has yet to admit your post-election dissonance the email scandal may push you over the hump.

Why is there a difference in reporting on Clinton's so-called email scandal and current reports of members of the Trump cabal regularly using private email?

Peruse the following graphic before watching a segment from MSNBC's The Beat
Yesterday Ari Melber devoted a few minutes to issues surrounding how Clinton home server and email influenced the 2016 election. A noteworthy point from the interview was the shameful and disparate coverage of Clinton's email issue and how the New York Times is covering the Trump regime's developing scandal.
The manner in which Trump, Russian Internet warfare, and the RNC used social media and the US media secured a win last November will go down in US history as yet another ornament on the Trump tree of lies, manipulation, and unprecedented nefarious politicking.

Clinton's email issue was a false issue. 

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