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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Cops As Criminals

Requiem for cops who should not serve

"......we only kill black people." Lt. Greg Abbott.

The County Police Chief commented on his Lieutenant's racist remarks while indicating he would be fired......Link.

Racist cop Abbott was fired over the past few days.
NBC News

Bodycam Shows Arrest of Salt Lake City Nurse for Refusing Blood Sample


Salt Lake City police are reviewing policies after a nurse was forcibly arrested for refusing to allow blood samples of a patient to be taken for investigation.
Jeff Payne wiki, Jeff Payne bio, Jeff Payne news

A nurse who happens to be a former Olympic athlete says she was detained by police at the Salt Lake City hospital where she works. Alex Wubbels says it was an unlawful arrest and that she wants the public to see the disturbing video so it doesn’t happen again. NBC’s Steve Patterson reports for TODAY.

It appears the abusive cop reality isn't only a US dynamic.  Of course, the lady in the following video also shows a abusive the cop, but I posit the cops response was nothing she of revealing and disgusting.

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