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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Trump's Uses Race Baiting To Attack The NFL (NFL COP ABUSE PROTEST)

National leadership via one called "45."

How about a look back at Trump's response to the horror show of racism and antisemitism in Charlottesville, Virginia?

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Of course, Trump's talking head surrogates took to the airways to defend the subliminally racist remarks from their president.  Steve Mnuchin was one such mouthpiece.  One has to wonder if Mnuchin took a private plane to the interview site.

Really? if you need a more descriptive and obvious case of authoritarianism, this privileged puke is hard to surpass

Well, Mnuchin........ Do we have a case of Trump not recognizing the national anthem?  Or, are we looking back on yet another validation of Trump's audience based rhetoric I suspect Trump would never have issued such a "dog whistle" racist remark at an event in New Jersey, New York City or Los Angeles or Oakland.

Image result for trump does not cross his heart

Image result for trump does not cross his heart

There is no comparison of US President's which can reach low enough for a president comparable to Trump.

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