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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

American Greens Berets Killed; Nothing From Trump

Are you aware of these American servicemen killed in the African nation of Niger?

Image result for 4 special forces killed in Niger Green Berets ambushed by Isis fighters.   

You may have noticed the number of special forces deaths since January 20, 2017, has spiked compared to the full term of Obama's eight years in the Oval Office.  As Commander in Chief did Obama authorize less use of special military units? Or, as President has Trump led such that his military commanders have become careless?  Moreover, whatever happened to US INTEL?  A set of questions for another time.

Let's for now, focus on why Trump hasn't once even mentioned the four dead Marines. Crooks & Liars offers a point of view from a perspective of Trump's 'dog whistle' attacks on an ESPN host.

Why Is Trump Obsessed With ESPN Hosts And Mum On The Death Of Four Green Berets?

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