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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Another Mass Killing, A Party Which Feigns Astonishment , And GOP Talking Points

The Bad, The Bad and The Ugly

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Earlier today, MSNBC's Hugh Hewitt (not in any way a regular show host at my residence) interview Paul Ryan, Majority Leader of the US House of Representatives. The interview included comment from Ryan along the lines of he was unaware of the raid fire weapon augmentation device called the Stock Bump.  How is that possible?

Wisconsin's Gary Johnson-US Senate (R) commented on the rapid-fire weapon tool. 
"I have no problem in banning those," he said.

Senator Cornyn- Texas (R) took his comments a step further, but drew back shy of an en statement on banning the rapid-fire tool.  I suppose Cornyn needs to check with the NRA for its position on the issue. 
"If somebody can essentially convert a semi-automatic weapon by buying one of these and utilizing it and cause the kind of mayhem and mass casualties that we saw in Las Vegas, that's something of obvious concern that we ought to explore," Cornyn told reporters.
".....concern that we ought to explore" Why not work on a full ban next week? 

How about one minute of the ugliness of why many members of the US Congress pay little attention to the deep clear and present dangers inherent in the NRA and other gun lobby groups?

The New York Times just yesterday published an opinion piece about the top 10 members from both Houses of Congres.  Is there any wonder we have heard or read one iota of comment from either of those 20 elected officials?

If you are an HIV (High Information Voter), you may have interest in an Open Secrets piece regarding the NRA's financial contributions

The nation has a serious, no the nation has a grave, problem with the state of Republicanism. While we certainly have Democrats who receive donations from the NRA and another gun lobbyist, the proportion of politically focused dark dollars leans far to the Right. If the Las Vegas shooter actually, as reported, purchased 33 guns over the course of the past year, the nation has an inarguable problem, and we have a majority party in both congressional houses which may turn a discerning and critical eye from such killings.

How can we avoid more mass killings, If we are faced with a White House and GOP which handles tragedies as witnessed this past Sunday with talking points leaked and published by NBC News?


After the pathetic set of Rightwing talking points is there any real prospect our national leaders will work to avoid tragic mass killings? Is it a stretch to realize the following potential killer could have targeted you? 
......and they will come for you.

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