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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Ben Carson: Lost In Space (Video)

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Donald Trump rewarded Ben Carson (former Nero-surgeon) with a cabinet appointment as his transition team worked through staffing the White House with enough swamp crud to swallow-up the Florida Everglades. While Appointments like Mike Flynn and Education secretary DeVos have garnered more attention with consideration of their notoriety, Ben Carson is probably the prime example of Trump Transition Team's incompetence.

Carson was handed a position that many knew Trump would be filled with an African-American. Carson is the Head of the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Department. Yes, of course. Carson's HUD like all cabinet departments have proposed budget cuts and in some cases, the cuts seem draconian and void of concern for the nation's less economically secure. Carson worked like a beaver in his Spring pond attempting to dodge critical question fro Congressman Greene.

Watch as Texas Congressman Greene question Carson about proposed budget cuts. The effort to get answers from Carson is an embarrassment equal to most coming from Trump's cabinet and White House.

Typical of Carson.  

We continue to post, Carson probably left his career as a brain surgeon base don something going awry in his brain.   If you continue to doubt our position on Carsons mental state, scroll up and again view the meme.

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