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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Black on Black Crime? Via Former White House Racist

"Black on Black Crime" 

A common refrain for conservative Americans and an ever-present mantra for conservative politicians. We also find it is common dog whistle red meat for hard core supporters of of most GOP administrations. But let's not stop there It is also integral to the GOP southern strategy as it imparts inordinate disdain for a people who share in what was was a great nation. Yet, it is as false a mantra as stating all Lions are man eaters.

The reality is the percentage of black on lack murders isn't significantly different than that of white on white murder. Violent crime is a crime of proximity and in a twisted way convenience. People kill those they know and on the out limits of Americana social strata people kill in a segregated manner just as our nation is segregated by race.

What follows is the perfect example of overt dog whistle racism for  person who share the White House with a president who is co over the top racist it is actually unfathomable. 
Racist rhetoric aside, take a look at the reality of race and murder. Granted the data is a bit dated, but the time period from 1976 to 2005 offers ample numbers of years to draw one conclusion: Gorka's racism is based in nothing more than GOP mantra and a calling card for their base.

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